Forest School


The ethos of Forest School is based around respecting a childs ability to be curious and engage in the world around them. It is based around play and access to the outdoors and focuses on social, emotional, and physical development.

“It is argued that taking risks can have positive implications in terms of children’s developmental, social and emotional needs, as well as their overall health. By providing the opportunities for children to manage their own risks in a controlled environment, they will learn vital life skills needed for adulthood, and gain the experience needed to face the unpredictable nature of the world.” (Gill, 2007)

 The aims of our Forest School sessions are:

  • To provide the children of Wood Bank with the opportunity to experience nature and the outdoors, in most weather, in a safe and managed way
  • To broaden knowledge and understanding of the natural world
  • To develop personal and social skills
  • To provide opportunities to problem solve in the environment
  • To promote confidence and self-esteem using the forest school area
  • To develop fine and gross motor skills
  • To develop self-regulation skills
  • To foster independence in our children
  • To meet the needs of all pupils with all learning styles
  • To develop language and communication skills
  • To explore the world through all their senses
  • To help children to have confidence in decision making and assessing risk