Hearing Impairment Music Group


As part of Music and the Deaf’s brand new West Yorkshire Music Programme, funded by the Hollyhock Foundation, we are working in partnership with Calderdale Music Trust to provide weekly workshops for deaf young people and develop musical vocal skills. Currently, there is very little evidence of singing opportunities being provided for deaf children in the UK. This will be a unique, ground-breaking focus, which will enable us to explore new teaching approaches that help support and engage deaf children in singing activities. Our leader, Amy-Rose Atkinson who is deaf herself and a professional singer, will be working alongside Laura Durrans from Calderdale Music Trust. A combination of choral teaching and one-to-one ‘musical vocal surgeries’ will enable deaf children to use their voice musically, often for the first time. We will encourage participants to enhance their skills and experience with the latest music technology, through songwriting and performing.