Engage Curriculum

The Engage Curriculum provide learning experiences that excite, inspire and motivate pupils to reach their optimal level of engagement in four areas of learning. Pupils on this pathway are working below the Pre-Key Stage Standards so their learning is interconnected across the four areas within the curriculum all of which are aligned to the EHCP outcomes. Reading and writing is taught through a daily one hour blended literacy session following the school's writing strategy and individual reading schemes. In addition,  pupils will access Forest School for a full term to enrich experiences and enhance cross curriculum links.

Specialist approaches give each pupil time to repeat, practise and consolidate skills. The pathway develops pupils to become excellent communicators, gain a sense of the world, have positive relationships with others and develop their physical skills through personalised plans and theraputic interventions. Pupils are assessed through the statutory Engagement Model. This model uses 'Engagement Profiles' to indicate what pupil engagement looks like under five key areas titled: Initiation, Persistence, Exploration, Anticipation and Realisatiion.

The pace of progression within this pathway is determined by the individual pupil and their needs. Both linear and lateral progress is celebrated as it recognises the complex needs and learning capacities of this cohort. Evidence of pupil progress is captured through personalised work files which are filled with photographs, pupil work and teacher observations, all designed to produce a rich picture of pupil progress and growth.




The Engage Curriculum subject map can be found by clicking on the link above. It outlines the full coverage across the pathway within the academic year with a breakdown view in each half term block. Every subject is sequenced to build on prior learning and nurture the development of the whole child. The four-year topic cycle peaks pupils’ interests and enthusiasm whilst providing scope to work across the curriculum where appropriate.

We have designed a series of Curriculum Chains to show teaching concepts for subject modules at each level of the assessment framework. Teachers use the chains to set termly learning objectives covering the four areas of learning as outlined in an individual pupil’s EHCP. The four areas of learning have a corresponding intent section to provide further detail accordingly. An example can be seen below. Please contact the school directly to see a copy of the full curriculum.