Discover Curriculum

The Discover Pathway is the first pathway that pupils experience when they arrive at Wood Bank in reception. The key purpose is to create personalised approaches that support all aspects of child development by discovering:

  • Pupil interests
  • Unique qualities
  • Responses to learning

Throughout the year, pupil progress is observed and monitored in seven subject areas that follow the EYFS framework using a play-based approach. Our aim is to remove as many barriers to learning as possible so that new pupils along with their families settle into school life and and become happy members of the Wood Bank Community. During this first year needs are assessed so that an individual passport is sreated to support each pupils' journey through the subsequent years in school.  This passport determines the next curriculum pathway and the personalised details within it include communication, behaviour/sensory, moving & handling, physiotherapy, specialist intervention needs and details of reading and writing schemes.

The timetable is carefully structured so that pupils have directed teaching time with ample opportunities to discover through continuous provision. 




The curriculum map can be found by clicking on the link above. This outlines the full coverage across the pathway within the academic year with a breakdown view in each half term block. Every subject is sequenced to build on prior learning and nurture the development of the whole child.

We have designed a series of curriculum chains to show teaching concepts for subject modules at each level of the assessment framework. Teachers use the chains to set individual next steps for their observation focus.

An example of a curriculum chain can be seen below. For more details please contact us directly.