Explore Curriculum

The purpose of the Explore Curriculum pathway is to challenge and enthuse our pupils for a life beyond Wood Bank. We achieve this by setting high expectations for learning, opening wider life experiences and building a strong foundation of positive interpersonal skills.  Pupils on this pathway are expected to achieve ‘Pre-Key Stage Standards’ (PKSS) so they will access a differentiated subject specific learning programme.

Each subject is designed to prepare pupils for the next stage in life with subjects that are most relevant and useful to them. Subjects and their associated modules are mapped into a cohesive sequence throughout the academic year to build and embed skills. Throughout the curriculum a range of vibrant opportunities are designed to extend learning. This is encouraged through play, sensory experiences, semi formal learning, trips and learning adventures to enhance pupils’ interests and curiosity both inside and outside of the classroom.

Pupils on this pathway are the most likely to lead semi-independent lives, as such, we prepare them for successful and happy transitions paying attention to their mental health and wellbeing. Pupils will have regular access to outdoor learning within their timetable, as such, Forest School is timetabled into this pathway to enrich their experiences further.

We want each pupil to make a positive impact on their future with good Interpersonal skills that will navigate them through life. We focus on self-esteem, teamwork and leadership all of which are covered across several subjects and purposefully taught within the Skills Development subject.




The Explore Curriculum subject map can be found by clicking on the link above. It outlines the full coverage across the pathway within the academic year with a breakdown view in each half term block. Every subject is sequenced to build on prior learning and nurture the development of the whole child. The four-year topic cycle peaks pupils’ interests and enthusiasm whilst providing scope to work across the curriculum where appropriate. We have designed a series of Curriculum Chains to show teaching concepts for subject modules at each level of the assessment framework (step one – step eight). Teachers use the chains to set individual learning objectives for pupils each week. An example of curriculum chain can be seen below. Please contact the school diectly to see a full copy of the curriculum.