Reading schemes are delivered across school to ensure our pupils learn to read in line with a best fit approach. Pupils follow a phonetic approach using the Read Write Inc. scheme. Where appropriate, identified pupils will follow a whole word approach using the See and Learn scheme or use signs, symbols and environmental cues. Reading is delivered daily by all classes, across all four curriculum pathways.

·         Pre-Reading is taught in our Engage Curriculum Pathway.

·         Reading Comprehension and Phonics are taught across the Discover and Develop Curriculum Pathways.

·         Reading Comprehension and Phonics are taught within our Explore Curriculum Pathway.


Pupils on the Engage Curriculum Pathway participate in pre-reading activities and will use signs, symbol, and environmental cues.

At Wood Bank we use a range of cues as part of a total communication approach, including touch cues, key vocabulary, objects of reference and other sensory cues to help pupils to understand the world around them.

Our pupils experience a range of multi-sensory stories which consist of cues, simple sequencing, and repetition to engage pupils in the five areas of engagement: exploration, realisation, initiation, anticipation, and persistence. Communication is an essential element to these sessions, as pupils are encouraged to show preferences, and make choices.


For those children who are ready to read more formally we use the Read Write Inc. phonics programme. The reading schemes we use encompass a range of strategies to encompass the individual needs of our pupils.

Read Write Inc. is a complete phonics programme, that is used to teach children to both read and write alongside one another. Pupils on the Discover, Develop and Explore Curriculum Pathways access a daily phonics session. As part of early phonics and listening development, pupils are taught phonological awareness. This includes sound discrimination, rhyme and rhythm, alliteration, syllables, on-set and rime and phoneme (sound) awareness.

If you would like more information about any of our reading schemes, please contact us and ask to speak to Becki Breslin (Literacy Subject Lead).