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School Improvement

As a school we are committed to engaging in a cycle of continuous school improvement in order to embed our vision and values and in so doing, maximise the outcomes for our children.

A number of essential elements feature within our improvement cycle including;

  • School Evaluation Form (SEF)
  • School Improvement Plan & Partner (SIP)
  • Ofsted Report
  • Local & National Government Initiatives
  • Board of Governors
  • Annual Performance & Development Cycle
  • Professional Development
  • Stakeholder Feedback
  • Quality Assurance Monitoring Systems

School Improvement Partner

Jeanette Tate

Jeanette Tate is our School Effectiveness Officer. She is a former Headteacher of Ravenshall Special School and an NLE.

Jeanette monitors school performance and provides strategic challenge and support for the Board of Governors and Senior Leadership Team through ongoing professional dialogue, regular visits to the school and leading Headteacher Appraisal. 

School Improvement Process

School Improvement Summary 2021-2022