Writing at Wood Bank School is interpreted as an activity that communicates and records events, experiences, information, thoughts and feelings. The most appropriate form of recording should be selected according to pupil’s need for example, using objects, picture, photographs, symbols and text, drawing, typing and ICT, working with an adult as a scribe or a combination of these. For those children ready to access more formal handwriting sessions, they will follow Nelsons Handwriting Scheme.

Writing at Wood Bank will involve a range of activities such as:

  • Pre-writing activities/mark marking.
  • Development of gross/fine motor activities to promote skill development.
  • Opportunities to see text (symbols, photos and words) being constructed.
  • Word, symbol, object, sound and letter matching.
  • Consistent and correct modelling of letter formation.
  • Use of ICT hardware (e.g. switches, microphones, keyboards) and software to record information.

At Wood Bank we follow our own bespoke writing strategy, this enables writing to be taught effectively following a sequential approach that supports every child's development at their own pace. Writing is taught daily by all classes. Please click on the link below to see our writing strategy.

Wood Bank Writing Strategy