Wood Bank Special School


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Meet The Current Wood Bank Team

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Jenna Port

Leadership and Development Partner Karen Muscat-Baron

Deputy Headteacher: Nicola Crowther

Assistant Headteacher: Abigail Smith 


Hedgehogs Class Team

Class Teacher: Stacey Machon, Ruth Gosden

Teaching Assistants: Samina Kauser, Anna Mulgrew, Helen Van Boek, Joanne McWilliam


Squirrels Class Team

Class Teacher: Jenny Birch

Teaching Assistants: Chelsea Cater-Tooby,  Holly Balding, Donna Heptinstall

Robins Class Team

Class Teacher: Julie Warren

Teaching Assistants: Sally Riley, Elaine Tattersall, Terrie Woodrup, Dianne Whitton

Stags Class Team

Class Teacher: Kat Royston

Teaching Assistants: Shameela Kauser, Rebecca Martin, Frances Rushworth, Monika Lelinska


Owls Class Team

Class Teacher: Moira Richard, Crystel Hall

Teaching Assistants: Cheryl Bailey, Rachel Cockroft, Diane Hegginbottom, Naseem Malik, Asma Bibi

Foxes Class Team

Class Teacher: Ben Haslam

Teaching Assistants:  Francine Manson, Laura Ramsay, Benjamine Renouleaud, Brook Holroyd

Badgers Class Team

Class Teacher: Helen Haslam

Teaching Assistants:  Eleanor Forbes, Jess Hales, Michelle Sloane, Sadia Rana

Butterflies Class Team

Class Teacher:  Becki Breslin

Teaching Assistants: Dawn Rochford, Yvonne Lovatt, Lucy Tynan, Sophie Atkinson

Kingfishers Class Team

Class Teacher: Brook Ward

Teaching Assistants: Sam Tattersall, Marianne Andrews, Adam Doherty


Otters Class Team

Class Teacher: Tony Simmonds

Teaching Assistants:  Michelle Oldroyd, Theo Piper-Griffiths,  Kath White, Tracey Allen, Mandy Burnside

Kestrel Class Team

Class Teacher:  Ben Walker

Teaching Assistants: Ashley Shepherd, Marie Stephenson, Kirsty Wolstenholme, Paula Fraser


Additional Staff

School Administration Manager: Liz Haigh

School Administrator: Lucy Wood-Ives

Family Intervention and Designated Safeguarding Lead: Kym Lockett, Ashleigh Williams

Forest School and Play Lead: Laura Ramsay

Tutors/Academic Mentors: Jane Smith, Ali Bath

Cover Supervisors with Responsibility for Physical Welfare: Dianne Hegginbottom, Helen VanBoek


Premises Manager: Salv Turkaly

Assistant Premises Support: Debbie Reeves

Catering Manager: Aaron McLaughlin

Kitchen Assistant: Carole Benson

Cleaners:  Susan Kuterescz, Debbie Reeves

Moving and Handling Lead: Karen Turnbull


External Partners

Bursar: Mohammed Ameen (MA - Business & Financial Management for Schools Ltd)

School Nurse: Maggie Hirst (NHS)

Health Care Assistant: Carolyne Brough 

Music Therapist: Maria Harron

Speech & Language Therapist: Lisi Czira (NHS)

Physiotherapist: Rachel Whalley (NHS)

Occupational Therapist: Jessica Harris (NHS)

Orthotist: Chris Bowden (NHS)

Therapy Assistants: Linda Waddington, Jenna Howe (NHS)