Meet The Current Wood Bank Team

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Jenna Port (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Head of People & Organisational Development:  Karen Muscat-Baron

Acting Headteacher: Nicola Crowther


Middle Leadership

Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour): Ben Walker  

Assistant Headteacher (Literacy): Becki Breslin


Hedgehogs Class Team

Class Teacher: Moira Richard, Ruth Gosden

Teaching Assistants: Samina, Joanne, Pamela, Naseem


Squirrels Class Team

Class Teacher: Jenny Birch

Teaching Assistants: Chelsea, Holly, Farrah, Michelle, Michelle 


Robins Class Team

Class Teacher: Julie Warren

Teaching Assistants: Elaine, Alia, Dianne, Leah, Mandy


Stags Class Team

Class Teacher: Becki Breslin

Teaching Assistants: Lucy, Eleanor, Marianne, Salma, Danielle


Owls Class Team

Class Teacher: Crystel Hall

Teaching Assistants: Cheryl, Rachel,  Asma, Dawn, Louise, Mandy


Foxes Class Team

Class Teacher: Ben Haslam

Teaching Assistants:  Benjamine, Nazish, Cara, Alfie


Badgers Class Team

Class Teacher: Hannah Murray

Teaching Assistants:  Sadia, Yvonne, Naomi, Kelly


Butterflies Class Team

Class Teacher:  Kat Royston

Teaching Assistants: Sophie, Monika, Shameela, Megan


Kingfishers Class Team

Class Teacher: Brook Ward

Teaching Assistants:  Adam, Lucy, Sam


Otters Class Team

Class Teacher: Tony Simmonds

Teaching Assistants: Kath, Jess, Brook, Aimee 


Kestrel Class Team

Class Teacher:  Ben Walker

Teaching Assistants: Ashley, Donna, Anne-Marie, Alison, Jemma


Specialist Staff

School Administration Manager: Liz Haigh

School Administrator: Lucy Wood-Ives

Family Intervention and Designated Safeguarding Lead: Kym Lockett, Holly Balding, Leah Stafford

Forest School and  Outdoor Play Lead: Laura Ramsay

Pupil Engagement Lead: Michelle Oldroyd

Tutors/Academic Mentors: Jane Smith, Ali Bath

Premises Manager: Salv Turkaly

Assistant Premises Manager: Debbie Reeves

Catering Manager: Aaron McLaughlin

Kitchen Assistant: Carole Benson

Cleaners:  Susan Kuterescz, Debbie Reeves, Sally Riley, Dianne Heginbottom


External Partners

Bursar: Mohammed Ameen (MA - Business & Financial Management for Schools Ltd)

School Nurse: Maggie Hirst (NHS)

Health Care Assistant: Hannah Young (NHS)

Music Therapist: Maria Harron (Nordoff Robins)

Speech & Language Therapist: Lisi Czira (NHS)

Physiotherapist: Rachel Whalley (NHS)

Occupational Therapist: Jessica Harris (NHS)

Orthotist: Chris Bowden (NHS)

Therapy Assistants: Linda Waddington, Jenna Howe (NHS)