School Data

At Wood Bank, all progress in its many foms is celebrated. High expectations academic or holistic are set for each pupil and attainment is measured as individuals. Lateral and linear progress are both recognised as significant development for our pupils.

We focus on building a clear picture of pupil progress with a view that individual development evolves in a holistic way. Our pupil learning takes shape on many levels due to the developmental challenges and individual conditions that our children face. The resulting picture can show a 'spikey profile' of progress as such, pupil progress is measured against a pupils' own individual capacity.

At Wood Bank we use the B Squared Connecting Steps assessment system, each pathway is aligned accordingly.

- Discover Pathway - Early Steps (8 steps of assessment)

- Develop Pathway - Early Steps (8 steps of assessment)

- Engage Pathway - Engagement Steps (6 steps of assessment)

- Explore Pathway - Progression Steps (8 steps of assessment)

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