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Curriculum Intent

At Wood Bank our intention is to provide a curriculum that allows children to be successful learners; to learn at their own pace through exploration and discovery. We aim to raise aspiration, develop confidence and extend opportunities to ensure our children live happy, healthy and productive lives. We recognise that every child within our school has their own journey to take, and we aim to build their independence and resilience allowing them to become as well prepared as possible for the next stage of their lives.

Our Curriculum favours a developmental approach. For children to achieve across all areas of their individual profile they require a holistic approach. Providing opportunities for outdoor learning and access to real life experiences ensures that learning can be generalised across all situations. This encourages children to learn about the world around them creating opportunities for an exciting and relevant education.

Children at Wood Bank have a diverse range of needs, and therefore need a Curriculum that is fit for purpose. To ensure they are able to access learning that sets high expectations and is relevant for all needs we offer three Curriculum Pathways.


Curriculum Structure


All pathways are underpinned by carefully selected topics which run over a four year cycle period. As the school is running with 3 separate curriculum pathways, the topics enable a whole school inclusive approach to learning.


Due to the bespoke nature of the 3 pathways, following a four year cycle ensures strong coverage of each subject area that is relevant to the needs of the cohort.


Within each pathway all subject areas are sequenced to show progression following clear learning intentions and end points where appropriate


Our Curriculum is strongly driven by our Whole School Vision and Values, and under-pins its design and content. Movement between the Pathways is assessed each year to enable children to access the Curriculum that meets their individual needs.