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Branching Curriculum

This curriculum is aimed at children who are ready to branch out and experience more formal learning. The emphasis for this group is on more abstract concepts and consolidating learning from previous years. Within this group our learning audit showed that there is a need to promote social and emotional skills and provide opportunities to learn in the Community. This group are also encouraged to take a more active role in assessment by using self-evaluation to develop their understanding of their own learning and next steps.

This academic year the Branching Curriculum is delivered in Fox and Kestrel Class. As the Branching Curriculum is delivered to children ranging from P6 – NC the approach may differ across classes to meet the needs of each child. Kestrel Class will access more formal subjects than Foxes. An audit will take place once a year to determine the most important aspects of learning for each child, the timetable in each class may be adjusted accordingly.


Some elements of this Curriculum will be linked to the National Curriculum. The timetable for this curriculum will be delivered containing the following areas of learning,

  • My Communication & Cognition (For Fox Class)
  • Maths (Kestrel Class)
  • English – Reading & Writing (Kestrel Class)
  • My Physical Development
  • My Creative
  • My Independence
  • My Knowledge & understanding of the World
  • My  Play & Leisure
  • Keeping Myself Safe (Kestrels Class)


Assessment for this Curriculum will be through:

  • Narrative assessment – Observations, photographs and video will capture the progress and experiences of children working at this level. These will be displayed in evidence books.
  • PIVATS Assessments - PIVAT assessments will be completed once a term to show progress, and to inform placement of children to establish the curriculum they will follow.
  • P Scales – For Foundation subjects (once a year)
  • APT Targets – Using targets set at the Annual Review (APT’s) these will be evaluated once a term using our own 5 point scale system.


  • Work scrutiny of Evidence books twice a year.
  • PIVAT assessments to show progression through CASPA.
  • P Scale Assessments to show progression through CASPA
  • APT Targets will be completed every term. This will be converted to show percentage progress for each child.

Supporting Resources

  • B-Squared
  • Roots for Learning
  • Barrs Court
  • Equals Semi-Formal Schemes of Work
  • Elements of the National Curriculum


This topic web shows examples of activities that take place within our Branching Curriculum.